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Universal Laws

As our history books reveal, for many centuries,  time has been counted by clock and calendar, and we have lived by Man-made rules and laws.

 The Universe also has laws which must be obeyed and understood, but these are born out of love, unlike Man-made laws.

I am not advocating that you, or indeed anybody should break any laws of the society we live in, but I am asking you to include in your life, the laws of the Universe. 

As we start to explore the Universe, its laws and our Universal roles in our own lives, we then begin on a path to the Spiritual Abundance. Unconditional love must first and foremost come from your heart chakra, and never be just learned behaviour.   Kindness and compassion in itself promotes unconditional love but it must start with Self-Love.

We are all connected, spiritually, with the Divine Source and its infinite Universal Law of Divine Love. We are all connected to each other through our higher self, as we all come from this Divine Source and when it is time to complete this life in human form, will return. Our Core being is well aware of the Universal Laws, but as we begin and grow in this human form, we tend to lose sight of who we really are.

Children are encouraged to explore their imagination, but only up to a point, as the adults begin to put parameters into their lives, as we begin to take these learned behaviours into our hearts and minds and slowly we forget the magic and the wonder of the Universe from whence we came, and allow our spiritual light within to begin to dim as we take on the darkness and density of the earth-life we are experiencing.

As we become adults, our lives are controlled by all we have been taught by various influences in our lives from a infant to Adulthood. Our emotions are controlled, our thoughts and achievements are put into place out of judgements and environment which society says we should go this way in our life, or that way.

Now and again, you get a rebellious spirit who breaks out of the prison of what society expects of them and follow their instincts and we usually label this person a Free Spirit or perhaps even a Rebel.

When someone is free-spirited they will usually break free of the confines of society and follow their passions. A friend (Neil) introduced me to a lady called “Emillie Wapnick” and if you listen to her Video, which I might add has already had 6,960,979 views since 2015 – Her perspective is not particularly using Spiritual terms or understanding but the message is the same.

What do you want to be when you Grow Up?

You see, whoever you are, whatever your beliefs, you have not returned to this plane of existence in order to be unhappy, miserable, sad, or making do in life.

In order to truly awaken to our higher self, we first need to rid ourselves of preconceived ideas on how we should act, and what we should do and when you reach a point that these “learned behaviours” no longer serve us at this current point of time, then this is when we need to let go of some of them.

I am certainly not promoting that you abandon all that you know and feel and go off on a fun ride with complete abandonment but as you discard the behaviours that are no longer serving you, you leave room to bring new and much healthier thought patterns into your life, so that you can begin to recognise who you truly are and what role you are meant to play in your own life.

As we each come from Divine Love and when we allow this into our everyday life, we feel free within, as we no longer are curtailed by behaviours we didn’t really want to observe in the first place.

The idea is to allow your higher self to guide you in your journey ahead allowing the love, kindness and compassion to flow through you, which will not only change your thoughts but also change your reality. You become Spiritually Abundant, your Spirit is not being bogged down with heaviness that we have not cleared from our Energy and as we become freer within ourselves, our vibrations rise and our light shines brighter and we attract all the like-minded people and situations into our lives.

If someone or something hurts you, ask yourself – is this part of my journey? Am I here to help inspire this person to change their perspective? or is this part of my Karma which I have just balanced out! By not seeking any kind of revenge and allowing Karma to work for you, you are not breaking one of the Universal Laws of Cause and Effect.

The Universal Law of Free-Will and the Universal Law of Karma are very much in use in our world, but the one that is so important and needs to be shared far more than it currently is – is the Universal Law of Divine Love. Show kindness and compassion to others and include yourself in this, and you will begin to see such a different perspective of your life and as you become lighter in your spiritual self you will feel the joy, harmony, peace and abundance which is your Divine Right.

Love and Light

Sylvie and Neil

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