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The Twin Flame Journey
The “Violet Flame” Meditation.

The Twin Flame Journey is different from a Soul Mate Connection. You see the Twin Flame connection has a dual purpose. Firstly, it is a culmination of many past lives together that has created its own karmic values, either positive or negative, and secondly there is a spiritual life purpose or life mission pertaining to the life we are living today.

The Twin flame connection is in fact is two halves of the same soul, occupying two physical bodies. The purpose of the Twin Flame Journey is so that all karma can be balanced from all previous lifetimes together and to telepathically mirror one another to reach that point of spiritual evolution and vibrations, where, when divine timing is found, they come together in spiritual purity and vibration in order to shine their spiritual light upon the world, in order to heal the planet and mankind.

The Twin flame journey is an endurance of the Spirit. It is not a journey for the feint-hearted, neither spiritually nor physically.  

The souls that undertake this journey are to be commended.  The Spirit within is aware of the challenges ahead, and prepares for this, always trying to develop the conscious mind for these challenges.  When the conscious mind is awakened to the journey, it feels earth-shattering.   There is no conscious understanding of this pairing in our environment. In many ways, you are not only jumping in the deep end emotionally but fumbling your way through a journey which seems to have no navigation of any degree.  

There are times when you feel insanity knocking on your door, and the whole scenario feels bizarre and out of sync with the entire world.   Your logical brain, alongside your learned behaviours and understanding of your world at basic material levels, does not make any sense whatsoever, and the separation from your twin, creates a void inside that cannot be fulfilled.   Sometimes it feels like an obsession, at best it appears crazy, but if you could stop these feelings you would, because they hurt.

The truth is, your Souls are calling to one another, they are pulling towards one another, and the physical body of each twin, is in a state of flux, because it does not recognise at this point, that the souls are yearning to be reunited as one again.    The best course of action if you find yourself in this situation is even though during this time, the two souls will cry out to each other to be reunited, is to focus on yourself. To awaken to your whole spiritual being within the human form, and not only love yourself, forgive yourself and others, clear all negativity from your past and present, and maintain a state of grounding and balance.   When you meditate, which I would recommend daily, try to use the Violet Flame, as this is extremely powerful and will help you in so many different levels.   The Violet Flame is the most powerful Universal energy for All Flames on their journey.

Even though meeting on the astral while the physical body sleeps, the yearning for a permanent reunion is so intense,  and that as you become awakened to this journey and accept and surrender to the connection, by offering  unconditional love to yourself and your twin, and asking for divine guidance, protection and healing, will the physical reunion, within divine timing be closer to you. 

At some point in your journey, you come face to face with your twin, and it is an instant Soul Shock, and then, usually the Runner/Chaser story begins. 

One of the twins will be more spiritually aware than the other.   This twin is usually the chaser and, in most cases, the feminine soul.   The twin who is the runner, often the male counterpart, who runs.   They are not running from you, but from the intense emotions they feel, and because they are not as spiritually aware as you, they find it overwhelming and therefore run.  

However, as in all things, we can never run away from ourselves, and the Universe is and has been all of your life, working on getting you both to the moment when you can be together, in the right energetic vibration to obtain perfect bliss and to ignite the twin flame, to benefit the planet, as well as yourselves.

However, as we know this path is not an easy one, and the twins have agreed on soul contracts, karma and karmic relationships and a life purpose and to reunite at a particular divine moment to complete the journey together in perfect vibrational bliss,

It is not all bad news though, the good news is there is an energetic connection between them that is so strong, that they can link with one another telepathically, they meet and spend time together in the astral planes while their physical body sleeps, and although consciously they are not aware of each other’s story, they help one another, with their unconditional love to heal and raise the vibrations drawing their connection together as their journey progresses, until that divine moment when they can be together in the physical.   In some cases, which is in the minority, they reunite in the spiritual realms rather than in the physical realms. Still, the connection never breaks, and only grows more energetic, but cannot be recognised unless the physical consciousness identifies their spiritual self, and awaken to who they are and their life purpose and their beautiful potential in this lifetime. 

The other difficulty which to understand this journey you need to accept, that in the Universe or Spirit, they are not governed by calendar and clock as we are.    Twenty, thirty or forty years are mere minutes and seconds to the Universe.     The tapestry of life plays a more significant role here also, and so it is as the tapestry comes together that divine moment presents itself.  

I know people who have waited Thirty or forty years before they reunite with their twin. Still, it really is not about the time, but more importantly, the lessons we have chosen to learn, the karma and karmic relationships we have decided to balance and the experiences and endurances we have gone through to learn the skills necessary to complete our life purpose, and although in most cases the twin reunion is about romantic love in the physical, it is so much more about unconditional love in the spiritual.  

Spiritual teachers in the past would have called these unions, “affinities”, but as the new order is coming in to help our whole planet wake up to their spiritual selves, to connect with one another – regardless of race, creed or religion, these twin flames and the light and vibration that they emit, is why we hear of an abundance of them on their journey whereby they will join all the lightworkers in the world, and take us into a much better future where life can be lived harmoniously everywhere, on a higher vibration.  That, then is real abundance.

Some people think that this spiritual connection can be broken.   I disagree.   We know that our whole experience on this planet is for our spiritual growth, and that we at soul core have full knowledge of what we have agreed to experience in this lifetime. It is our aim to achieve this – so why in physical form, when we have not got these memories, would we try to break a connection that was put in place for a purpose.    Far better to explore the opportunities and reasons why this connection is there, what lessons we can learn and to ask for help or guidance from your guides or through a trusted Medium or Spirit Channeller.   Very often, by looking at this connection from a different perspective can help you achieve the goal or understand the reason why this connection is there.   Shamanic Healing or a Soul Reading can sometimes help, but as in everything, inside of yourself, you do know the answers, and by soul searching and being honest with yourself, will bring you the truth and clarity you desire.  Follow your intuition.

love and light

Spiritual Samaritans
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