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The Tapestry of Life

The Tapestry of Life – Soul Connections

As we have discussed previously, our purpose for this particular life, has already been imprinted within us, ready to guide us through our journey, to people and situations, we are meant to meet, interact with, and to fulfil our spiritual life purpose, karma and learning the lessons we have chosen to experience for the growth of our spiritual self.

Soul contracts are being realised, as we grow and gain the knowledge of understanding, to not only enrich our lives but to also inspire others in their journey.

There are people we feel instantly connected to, even though we consciously think we have met for the first time, and in each, there is a lesson to learn.   Do not perceive these lessons to be negative or a chore, because as we move forward in our lives, open-minded to our reality, and the beauty and potential within each one of us, we are continually raising our vibration, and the divine spark which we all hold within, is shining brighter and brighter.

As we magnetically then attract people to us, on a similar vibration, and the spiral continues, we continue to raise our vibrations, and our whole life begins to change for the better.

We then have succeeded in raising ourselves from the negative darkness of learned behaviours, understanding the beauty and potential within us, and as we connect with other beings of a similar vibration the light overshadows the negative darkness of this world and creates a better reality for not only yourself but the people around you and ultimately the whole planet.

It is an amazing conception, particularly to our human brains, but our Soul within is so much smarter.   You soul will always guide you, help you along your journey, and when you are at low points in your life, you will find that your loved ones and your angels draw closer still. 

Life throws challenges at us, and sometimes, you cannot see or understand the reasons for this.  However, to find balance alongside joy, harmony and abundance in your life, you need positive and negative, to move you along your pathway to meet your destiny.

After all, if you were continually in the light, as it were, you would never recognise the darkness.  Understand this, though, darkness does not always mean negativity.

Think about the Sun and the Moon, who each have their functions in our Earth, but life is drawn from the Sun and beauty is drawn from the Moon, and they complement one another creating a perfect balance.    Again, it is your perspective.      A child may be scared of the dark, but in the dark, there is beauty.  The stars shine bright, in the darkness of night, whereas the view of the child’s idea of “monsters under the bed” is a negative perspective.  To teach the child to view the beauty of the Stars, instead of the fear of the monsters under the bed, is the better option.   Look at the positive and negative in your life, with a new perspective, and make your choices, to obtain the balance that is needed to uplift your life and create a better reality. 

When you get to a point in your life, where everything seems to be at loggerheads, and you feel lost and alone and not sure what is the way forward – start to take notice of why the Universe is pushing you out of your comfort zone.  There is a reason you are being urged to change things in your life, and as your guides and angels draw closer to bring you love and guidance, you need to look for “signposts” helping you to understand where they are trying to guide you to.  Synchronicities are a significant signpost that the Universe and your guides and loved ones, can grab your attention. Signposts or Synchronicities are everywhere, once you understand their significance.

Remember also, that they are always loving and guiding you along a path that will be the best for you and your higher self.


love and light

Spiritual Samaritans
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