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Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Tarot cards can be a great way to focus and fine-tune your intuition. The most commonly used tarot cards are the Rider Waite Tarot deck as shown in the photo above.

The tarot spread, when used correctly can be a form of guidance in answer to a situation or possible development in your life as they tend to tell you a story. The continuity of the cards you are laying down, seem to bring out indications of the way forward in the situation or dilemma you are asking about.

Always make sure that your cards are wrapped up in a cloth, or scarf of some sort, or maybe a wooden box. This prevents negative energies attaching themselves to the cards and keeps them in alignment with your own energies, and naturally the more you handle them, the more your energies will align. Also, it would not be a bad idea, to keep a Rose Quartz Crystal or Amethyst with your cards, as this raises the vibrational energies and connects with the Universal Source.

Some of you might even be interested in a tarot spread cloth to help preserve your cards and also protect and comfort the energies at your own vibrational level. My favourite is purple which is an extension of my auric field colour.

You would be surprised just how many Tarot Cards are available. If you are a beginner, I would strongly suggest that you start with the Rider Waite Deck and when you feel you have outgrown them, then move on to a different variety. Use your intuition to be guided to the “right” deck for you. You will be drawn to the right ones, and when you feel that balance within you – you will know this is just for you and the next step I your journey.

When you start to use them to read for yourself or friends and family , I suggest you follow the routine listed below to receive optimum use of the spread.

  • Sit in a calm and relaxed atmosphere
  • Have a glass or bottle of Water nearby to sip
  • Go into a Meditative state and ask for protection and guidance from your Spirit Guides and Angels
  • Ask for guidance from your higher self and to connect with the Divine Universal Energies
  • When ready take your cards, and shuffle them until they begin to feel a “warmth” from your energies being imbued onto the cards.
  • Whilst you are shuffling, ask the question that you need guidance upon.
  • Turn the cards over, either in a traditional spread for example The Celtic Cross or just as you feel is the right amount of cards.
  • Take a look at each card individually, and notice which part of the card you are drawn to; do not take the name of the card at its literal sense i.e. The Fool, Death, Judgement, The Devil as they do not have a literal meaning.
  • As you look at the card allow your thoughts to drift and take note of perhaps a memory or people situation that comes into your mind, and look to see if that past situation is relevant to the story you are currently trying to unfold.
  • Just slowly and methodically allow the thoughts to permeate into your consciousness, as your higher self is trying to guide you and give you clarity of the situation at hand.
  • The more open you are to the situation the more clearer the answers will come. Try to be impartial even though your situation or dilemma is probably linked to your own life, but have a pre-conceived conclusion will block the pathway to be shown to you

Finally, if you would like to pursue this subject further , please look at taking one of my courses in Psychic Tarot

Here are a few Tarot Decks that I have used over the years, and may be of interest to you Click on the image to view and buy.

love and light

Spiritual Samaritans
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