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So what are Synchronicities?

So, what are Synchronicities?   Carl Jung, the famous Psychologist, wrote many books and articles about Synchronicities.   He also had a strange story about plum pudding to back this up. There is a great deal of literature about Jung’s theory or explanation of Universal Synchronicities, but  I will let you draw your own conclusions.

However, I will say this, as you know, we are all connected; therefore telepathic signals or synchronicities come for a reason, as well as the many mysteries that are still unexplored in our generations.


As we begin to understand and apply these synchronicities; we begin to open our eyes to so many possibilities in our life, as well as our potential and connections with other like-minded people.


Remember there are no such things as coincidences and the tapestry of life is the reason for that.   It supports our understanding of the Tapestry of Life, and that nothing is by chance. In many ways, we meet and cross paths with other souls, in that divine moment, which has all been previously written for our life purpose, and collectively and held within the core of our spiritual being, which is guiding us towards the completion of our spiritual purpose for living this life.

At specific points in our lives, we sometimes need to take the proverbial right turn, to put us on the right path, to fulfil our spiritual life purpose. Your guides and angels will try to communicate to you, through signposts, impressions, light-bulb moments or only as Synchronicities,  to ask you to be aware that your journey is reaching a significant change. They are asking you to be mindful of your thoughts and ideas, your heart chakra, and what your spiritual self is trying to tell you.


The Universe gives us many forms of signposts, and the more you are open to exploring these signposts and synchronicities, you will begin to learn how to understand and feel the answers you require within.  We sometimes refer to this as following your intuition.


To understand Universal signposts and synchronicities, you need to accept the fact that there is no such thing as a coincidence.


With that in mind, and suddenly there appears to be a coincidence in front of you – change your perspective.  What is this trying to tell you? That is a signpost?.

There is a song going around in your head. It will not go away.  What is the song saying? Who or what does the song remind you of?

You opened a book at a random page, where do your eyes go to first?

Does it have significance or bearing on a problem or situation you are trying to resolve?

You keep seeing repeated numbers. On a digital clock or vehicle number plates, or your eyes are drawn to numbers that seem to resonate within you.  What do they mean?


When you start seeing repeated numbers of powerful combinations, like 11:11, 22:22, 3:33, these are essential signposts and opening your eyes to some substantial change about to appear along your path.


In the ancient art of Numerology – The Master Numbers are 11 – 22 – 33. There are over a million websites as well as books in plenty, to explore the realms of Numerology.

I am talking more of the Spiritual Understanding of Numerology, as in comparison, the planets do not line up just to give us our daily horoscope.  There is so much more to all of this.


I would urge you to explore the Ancient arts, particularly those you feel drawn to, because as we have said, life on this planet, has been guided and created within the Universe since our time began.   Throughout our history, there have been souls, in physical form, who have been visionary and have laid down writings in one way or another, to be preserved for discovery when the Universe deems it to be so. 


You are being guided along your journey to an improvement in your life, usually a significant development, for you to maintain and complete your life purpose, your destiny, and possibly that special someone who you are destined to be with, and this is often associated with the Twin-flame journey, which is a relationship unique in its own right.


Other signposts from the Universe, our loved ones and Spirit Guides & Angels, can be finding white feathers around when they shouldn’t be there, or perhaps the lights or TV turning on and off, for no apparent reason.


To see a Robin, land in your pathway, or garden, is a strong spiritual message, to take stock of what is happening in your life, and to explore all potential avenues, and allow your thoughts, intuitively to guide you to choose the right path forward.

Complete an intense meditation, and ask to be shown in your mind’s eye, the next step ahead.  Ask for Angelic guidance to assist you in your path.     Allow your intuition full reign, and know and feel that whatever you are given, is an indication of your next move in your journey.     If you cannot get the full picture on the first go, keep going until you know that it feels right to you.   Check and check again, ask for confirmation in any way that is helpful to you.       Persevere, and the guidance will come.

Always, always go into meditational guidance with an open mind.  Having preconceived ideas of the path, you think you should limit your perception of the direction trying to be shown.    Clear your mind, deep breathe, and relax and allow your thoughts to drift, and you will begin to see a picture, or memory unfold which is your starting point to receive full guidance on what is ahead for you.

If you are using a Divination tool, like tarot cards, to help you, make sure as you are shuffling the cards, allow your energy to be transferred to the cards, mentally asking for guidance to the questions you are asking.    Turn over the cards and carefully allow your eyes to drift to a particular part of the card that you feel drawn to and enable that thought process to wander.     Keep going with the cards, and a story will begin to unfold which you will be able to piece together alongside the happenings in your life at the moment.    Again, I urge you to be open-minded and no preconceived ideas of the outcome you yearn for.


Love and Light

Spiritual Samaritans
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