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So what is your Spiritual Purpose?

Spiritual Purpose
Understanding my Spiritual Purpose

If you have read some of my articles on this website, or my book “Spiritual Awakenings – A Self Help Guide” you will understand that we are an infinite spiritual being that is living today in human form in order to experience lessons and challenges with the purpose of progressing our soul on its infinite journey.

So, always the answer to our Spiritual Purpose, overall is Spiritual Progression. Within the Spiritual Realms and the times we reside there, we go to the level that matches our light and vibration. The higher we raise our vibrations, the closer we work toward the light of the Divine Source.

As you can see, the continual goal of walking more and more to the Divine Source and serving humanity amongst many purposes, is what our Soul is about.

Living a life, on this planet, in human form is a challenge in itself for our spirit within. Remembering that we choose to come here to not only achieve a particular spiritual purpose, but to also balance any karma, learn any lessons and overcome challenges that we need in order to transcend to a higher vibration.

Nobody sits in judgement, no-one forces you to do anything you do not want to do, prior to returning to this planet, and the lifestyle and people, including family, friends and lovers are all what you choose for yourself, in order to improve your vibrations and match you with a higher level in the Spirit World.

Sometimes, we are old souls, who have no need to come to Earth to achieve a vibrational level, but come anyway in order to serve humanity, to help the earth’s young soul to evolve along with all living creatures, and by the one act of selflessness, the spirit has again raised its own vibration.

Now, what is your Spiritual purpose within the life you are living today? Trust me, when I say “you have all the answers within you!!”

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