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This is a painting of my own Spirit Guide “Lady Tan” who has been guiding and loving and protecting me since my birth. She was painted by a wonderful Psychic Artist, who has now returned home to the Spirit world, called Leon Tompkins.
Leon was a very humble man who never realised just how much joy and happiness he brought people, by linking in with his own guides to sketch and paint his clients Spirit Guides

Lady Tan - My Doorkeeper Guide.
Lady Tan

During a Past Life Regression I had many years ago, I found out that this wonderful lady was my Grandmother in a life we both led in Ancient China around 210 b.c. From a personal point of view, this helped me to realise the actual strength of our connection, and that it was probable that we had not only shared that life in the past as well as this current one, but that it was entirely possible that we had shared a few more in between. I know that part of my Spiritual Purpose in this current life is to share my knowledge of the Spirit World and it’s teachings, so the connection between myself and my guide has been forged over the centuries bringing us both to this point in our evolution to complete our mission here on Mother Earth.

I love exploring my past lives through Past Life Regressions, as not only is this an exciting experience, it opens up our eyes to the adventures we have experienced and how each life we have lived has an ongoing effect to bring us to this point in our own spiritual evolution and can certainly change your perspective if you are under the impression that this life we are currently living today is all there is. Take a look at my perspectives about Past Lives on this website.

Meantime, let’s talk about the subject in hand – Spirit Guides.

If you can appreciate that your are a Spiritual Soul that has led many lifetimes in human form, as part of your Spiritual Evolution and progression then you can understand that you have made many Soul Connections. Like yourself, many Souls decide to live a life in human form, in order to experience certain lessons, balance Karma and Spiritually progress. Therefore it is understandable that the Souls you have connected with in all or some of your lives become part of your Soul Group.

You will probably have noticed upon meeting a new person in your life, that you feel as if you “know” them even though it is a first meeting in this life. This is because your Soul recognises another part of your Soul Group and is pleased to reunite, You feel an instant attraction and just know that this individual can be trusted and there is a spiritual reason your paths have crossed.

As we go through life, there is that one person who we recognise as our Soulmate at our Spiritual Core as well as in the physical sense, and of course, depending on our preordained destiny we could also be experiencing our Twin Flame journey. 

To be with our true Soulmate there has got to be both a Spiritual and Physical connection that both parties acknowledge and accept.   We can learn more about this in my article called Soul Connections

So you begin to see how the connections and recognitions of Souls begin and cross paths in divine timing and is all part of the Tapestry of Life.

When we decide to spiritually experience life in human form, for whatever reason – we ask one of these Souls to watch over us and guide us through this human lifetime.  In the Spiritual realms, it becomes our greatest joy to serve mankind and so the connection between guide and soul about to reincarnate is forged.

This particular guide is known as your Doorkeeper guide or Guardian Angel.  Whichever terminology you choose to favour this kind Soul will stay with you from the moment you touch the Earth until the moment you return.   They spend your lifetime here loving you unconditionally, guiding and protecting you with no thought of reward as in our understanding knowing they are helping to serve mankind and the lessons and challenges your soul is experiencing in this life.

They cannot live your life for you as those choices and decisions you make are all part of your journey.

The Universal Law of free-will is very relevant here as they can only guide you when you invite them to.  They continue to love you unconditionally, they continue to protect you, and they continue to try to draw closer to you when the challenges and lessons are at their most difficult.  

When you awaken to your spiritual self, you begin to understand and appreciate the connection, you find that you start to “know” when something or someone is right or wrong for you at this time. 

This is your guide impressing you, which is the right way for you to go in your life to make connections and experiences which are all part of your Spiritual journey.

Remember, we choose the life we lead, and it is Spiritually full of challenges, lessons and Karma that we choose to accomplish. 

If you find yourself going round and round in a pattern of behaviour that does not encourage you to progress than we are not learning the spiritual lesson. 

This is then the time that you should probably start to connect or renew your connection with your guide.   If necessary, seek the help of a professional Psychic, Medium, Channeller or Healer,  They can connect with your guide and give you fresh insight onto the next step on your path. Thus enabling you to break the pattern and proceed to the next level of Spiritual growth.

You are probably thinking to yourself, it’s all well and good about my Spiritual life, but what about my material life? 

Actually, it is all interlinked.   You can explore this more in my article on changing your thoughts, changing your reality.

To be aware and be loved and guided by the Spiritual realms gives you a different perspective on your reality and material physical life.

So it follows with a different perspective on your own life, your environment and those who occupy it your decisions become easier, clearer and positive.

Also, if you have incarnated to complete a Spiritual mission, your life will have included other Spiritual teachers alongside your Doorkeeper guide, and depending on the magnitude of your spiritual mission could also include the Angelic realm and possibly the Ascended Masters.

Love and light

Spiritual Samaritans
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