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Soul Connections

As we have discussed so many times, we are all energy, and as we also know Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Understanding this, we can understand that we have seriously been around for Centuries, or perhaps even as time began. We have lived many lives in human form, and it stands to reason that during these many lifetimes, we connect with another Soul. Now multiply those connections throughout your many lifetimes, and you will see that you begin to create your own individual Soul Group.

Naturally, it becomes apparent that not all soul connections are romantic, and that some can often be related as a soul family or friend connection.

When we are in human form, it can sometimes be difficult to interpret the connection you feel with someone you meet, or indeed why you seem to have a strong affinity with one parent more than the other, or a sibling or your own children.

There are a lot of spiritual complexities here to take into account, and although perfectly logical and necessary from the Spiritual point of view, so very confusing from our human form which unless spiritually awakened, does not have the knowledge to recognise the connection and understand it.

The key to understanding your life in human form and the people that are in your life is basically to consciously awaken to your spiritual higher self and fine-tune your intuition and allow you higher self to alert you just what this connection is all about.

Remember, we also choose how our life is going to go and who we have as our family and friends and of course romantic partnerships, to which Karma and Soul Contracts really apply. This is all agreed to by ourselves prior to taking human form in order to progress on your spiritual journey.

It seems the most confusing aspect of all this today, is the question being asked:

“Is he or she my true Soulmate?”

When two souls both agree to live a life in human form together, sometimes the journey towards togetherness is a difficult one. There are perhaps relationships that are karmically in play that need to be balanced before completion with your one true soul mate. There are perhaps lessons to be learnt, causes and effect working through this journey, and when the time is right, which is in Divine timing, that the true soul mates will come together in harmonious bliss

You have probably had a romantic connection with someone, who you felt strongly connected with, perhaps wondering if they were your soulmate, but for some reason, it never got sorted, or this was a karmic relationship that had to be lived through in order to bring balance back into your soul. This will probably apply to both parties. However, difficult as these connections seem, you have learnt from this, and it has made you stronger and more aware of who and what you are looking for in this life. If this has happened to you, I urge you not to play the “if only” game, as this causes more heartache and regret. If you can accept that this was mapped out for you to balance Karma, and progress spiritually to learn from all in order to bring you to the point of harmony and balance to connect and be with your true Soulmate.

Of course, there are certain souls, who travel this life in human form, whilst their true soulmates remains in the spirit world, or perhaps even passes back before the connection in human form can be fully enjoyed. Again, I would urge you not to be sad, as this is all part of your individual spiritual journey, and you will find that the Universe will send someone who will be a lifetime partner, where you may still have passion but most certainly companionship and joy and harmony,

Of course, you have free-will here whether to enjoy your life with someone harmoniously compatible with you, or not. Remember though, your true soul mate loves you enough to want you to be happy and if that means taking a companionable friend or lover into your life then your soulmate will be truly happy for you.

Of course, around our families and friends, those we feel a connection or affinity with, more than normal, it probably means they have been a close family or friend in at least one of your past lives. A spiritual understanding of who they are, and vice-versa will be felt vibrationally by both. This connection will always be strong, whether you are both in the same physical location or not.

love and light

Spiritual Samaritans
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