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I deserve to be happy



As we begin our spiritual journey, one of the
most challenging aspects we encounter is our perception of ourselves. We do not
appreciate or value ourselves.

Unfortunately, we tend to look at ourselves
with the eyes of the world, but the world does not know us.  A common error in this world is that people
tend to be put into boxes or categories.

When we realise, that we are each a unique
being, and the only accurate assessments of ourselves must come from within;
then we can then start to see the personal judgements of the world are not
necessary or even valid.

As this realisation comes to us, and we start to look within, we realise there is much more positive and enjoyable aspects about us rather than negative. We can then begin to learn to appreciate our good points and to start to change any negativity we may have. Then upon re-evaluation of ourselves, we begin to see that we have a lot more to give to the world, and ourselves and that we also deserve Love and respect from others.

Self-love does not mean anything like narcissism or any kind of self-love that has a negative effect on another living being, including oneself.      Self-love is to be happy and content with yourself, without judgement or fear of other’s opinion or criticism, of how you are, how you look or being judged weak because you choose to be kind and compassionate to others. One of the most significant failings today of the human race is judgement, and from these judgements, criticism, sarcasm, bullying and cruelty seem to be the trend.

As you get stronger in your own self-worth,
you will realise that this trend is really born out of hurt & pain, and
lost souls who have no understanding or awakening of their spiritual core, and
as yet, incapable of starting that journey of understanding. So from your
spiritual vibration, if you can find it in your heart to send these souls
healing love, you will enable yourself to understand that their words really
have no meaning and indeed are voiced through ignorance and anger.  Obviously, I am not asking you to be a
“doormat”, but I am asking you to think about your response, its validity to
the situation, and why this aggression or violence is being directed at you,
and to ask for guidance from the Universe, your Angels, and loved ones in
dealing with the situation in hand.

Unconditional love is being who you are and sitting in your own truth of your spiritual self.   Allowing your heart to shine its beautiful potential and seeing the beauty and be thankful for it, to embrace the power and wonder of the Universe, which is all part of your birthright, no matter who you are.

Love and Light

Spiritual Samaritans
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