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Past Lives
Past Lives

Talking from my own personal experience, I truly believe and understand about Past Lives. To me, it makes perfect sense.

When you have the understanding that everything is energy, which can never be created or destroyed, and that we are in fact an energetic spiritual being, occupying a physical form, where clock and calendar does not exist, the concept is quite overwhelming.

Throughout my lifetime alone, I have witnessed several schools of thought regarding reincarnation, but to my mind. I believe we are a spiritual soul, who has reincarnated many times, throughout several lifetimes, within this Universe in order to progress spiritually,.

In each lifetime we have experienced different challenges and lessons, and spiritually speaking that challenge will continue until we have learned the lesson to enable us to move on, spiritually speaking to the next progression in our infinite journey.

If you then take away this planet’s clock and calendar scenario, you can see that the time we would count becomes irrelevant and it is the actions and interactions of our infinite soul at various instances in the progression of The Tapestry of Life.

The whole concept of who we are, and the people we meet in this lifetime, does have relevance. I am sure you have had moments in your life, where you have ostensibly met someone for the first time, but something inside you is telling you that you know this person well, even though in this life it does not make sense to your physical mind. This is your Soul recognises another member of your Soul Group or Soul Connection.

I have had vivid dreams, where I have witnessed myself in another time and place, and watched myself interact with others and upon waking that the scenes that I had seen, had a relevance to the particular challenge or lesson that I was experiencing at that time, and enabled me to understand my current situation at the time with more clarity and understanding, which I was then able to resolve and move on.

I have also been regressed a few times in my life, which I find fascinating and love to explore. When you are regressed by a Past Life Regressionist, or Spiritual Medium or Channeller, it is certainly an experience to remember and I can assure you that there is nothing to fear, providing you request the help of a professional and that you feel comfortable and safe with said person.

The Professional does not control you at any time. Let me make that clear. You are aware of what is going on. You are encouraged to relax, and you feel yourself going into a relaxed light trance ( a bit like being half asleep) and the professional will guide you to a point of viewing one of your past lives, particularly one that has relevance to the life you are experiencing today.

It is a bit like watching a DVD on TV but you have the star part. You will be guided and supervised by the professional you have chosen throughout the experience, When you wake fully to your surrounding senses you will feel quite exhilarated and sensitive. Whilst viewing your past life you will feel sensitive to the emotions that are being played out, but you will not experience them in this reality.

If you read my article on The Akashic Record, to which we have every life we have lived, conversations, emotions and other souls stored, we are merely accessing one of those memories when we have a Regression.

Contrary to popular belief, we have not all been Cleopatra, or Atilla the Hun or even Sitting Bull. Each life we have led, has been for a spiritual purpose, and a culmination of lives that has brought you to this moment in time, has enabled your soul to progress and raise your vibration and I would say to you explore this concept and see for yourself how much the human race and our planet is merely a cog in the Universe and how we are all connected and working towards a collective reign of peace and harmony and spiritual abundance.

Two Authors I would urge you to explore are Edgar Cayce and Dolores Cannon. Both these authors have written countless books, as well as other people who have wrote about them. Click the links to find out more.

Dolores Cannon – One of her many Video’s on YouTube

love and light

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