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Oracle Cards

To be honest, Oracle cards can be called Tarot, Angel Cards, Oracle Cards, Fortune Telling Cards or even taking notes of “signposts” or “Synchronicities” in your life.

The main reason for Oracle cards was to get Yes or No type answers to questions, but as time has moved on and people have begun to search for answer within the Universe as we begin to accept the concept of the Divine Source within our lives the oracle cards have taken on a different meaning, and instead give us Daily Divine Guidance.

The Oracle Cards to have as your own must be of your own personal choice and I would say to you when considering which cards to buy, go to the pack that you “feel drawn to” – the pack of cards that makes you “feel comfortable” – This is your own Spirit Guides drawing you to the pack which is energetically in match with your vibration and therefore they are able to communicate with you within your own vibrational understanding.

Both Amanda and I love the “Work your Light Oracle Cards” by Rebecca Campbell. These are truly beautiful Cards and you can choose a Daily Oracle Card here

Meantime here is a selection of Oracle Cards that you might like to look at.

Love and Light

Spiritual Samaritans
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