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Our Pets in the Spirit World

Our Pets in The Spirit World

Well, I must admit, the photo above is one of my babies when they were 7 weeks old.   Sadly all but one are passed over now.  They are from left to right, Zoe, Sandy, Bonnie and Billy.     Bonnie is the only one left, and I am pleased to say she is still going strong, even though she will be 20 in our years on July 5th 2020.

When we lose our beloved pet, it breaks you in half.  It is the same when we lose a family member or any loved ones in our lives, as when their physical form is out of our sight, we believe they are gone from us.

However, our soul knows different.  The connection is always there.  Where loves exists between two souls, human or creature, they will forever be reunited in the spirit world.

No creature, man or Animal is left alone.   There is room for every living creature in the Universe and Spiritual Realms.   If love exists, you will be reunited.   If love does not exist, then you will never meet

So, you ask what happens to the animals that were not loved on this earth?.

Well, you see they return to the “ Group Soul”.   Every creature is accounted for.  From an Elephant down to an Ant, from a Goldfish to a Blue Whale,  and everything in between.  Nothing or no-one is ever forgotten.

However, if an animal is loved, a family member in the spirit world, will take care of the, until it is time for you to return to the spiritual realms, and reunite.  Remember also, there is no time in the Universe, and so if you loved a particular pet when you were a small child, and you live a long and healthy life till you are a 100 years or more, that pet will still be waiting.  Those years are expansive in our world, but in the spiritual realms, it is but a blink of an eye.

As I said earlier, your human mind believes that your loved ones, human or creature are gone from your presence, but if you allow you mind to accept the connection to your higher self, you will begin to catch glimpses of your loved ones around you.

I often sit at my computer, and if I turn my head, I can see into my bedroom, and there have been many times I see my Sandy or Billy laying on my bed with Bonnie fast asleep, as they come to her to keep her company until it is her time to join them.

Love and light






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