Law of Attraction and Spiritual Abundance

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Law of Attraction & Spiritual Abundance

Law of Attraction, Manifesting & Universal Energy

The Law of Attraction, in itself, has been published in so many different ways, that it can become confusing and challenging to manifest on a personal level.   The Law of Attraction works, when you understand how finely tuned our lives are, and our individual needs and wants at any given time in our journey.  If we focus on something that we think would improve our physical reality, but your spiritual self is aware that by receiving this manifestation, you would be sabotaging your spiritual pathway, then the Universal energy is indeed receiving mixed messages from you.

However, from  a Spiritual perspective the Universal Energy is definitely there for us to use, in order to enrich our lives, but in order to maintain the balance we need in a spiritual and physical sense, we have to understand ourselves, in order to ask what is necessary for us in this current life in human form.

We have to take into account, our spiritual life purpose, the challenges and karma we have agreed to receive as well as completing our destiny and aligning with the souls we are meant to meet.

It is not just about tuning your mind to think only positive thoughts; it is so much more.  You need to know yourself, at core level, to understand and be guided by your higher self, and once you are aware of where you would really like to be and the environment and people you would like in your life, you can then begin to start to manifest these things into your life, when the divine time is right.

It can be complicated to separate the things we think we want in our lives, and how we believe we can change our environment to achieve those manifestations, but if our higher self knows that these thoughts are incomplete and will not achieve our spiritual purpose in this life, then the Universe will be receiving mixed messages you’re your physical consciousness and your higher self, then this will delay you receiving the changes in your life that you are looking for.

This is why, it is so crucial that you first take steps to awaken within to your higher self, and the guidance that is being given to you, and maybe, just maybe the future you see for yourself is much higher and more satisfying than what you had thought for yourself in mere material gains.

The one desire we all want, whether it be physical or spiritual, and that is to be happy and find inner peace.

So, from that starting point, you need to soul search and being extremely honest with yourself, whether or not you think it is possible or not, look at what you think would make you happy and continue to make you happy.

Yes, we are Spirit within human form, but although this life is full of challenges and hardships, we are not meant to be unhappy, or live in just servitude.  This is why the Universal Energy is waiting to bring to you the joy you need in your lives to keep you positive, happy and content as you face the challenges in human form that your spirit requires to progress.

Material items are a comfort, but they are not the complete picture.  Our emotions, our actual feelings are probably more important.   How can you enjoy material gains if you are emotionally unhappy?   There needs to be an emotional material balance here.  Remember that old saying “Be careful what you wish for, and you just might get it.”

Once you awaken to your spiritual self, you will then start to gain glimpses of the way you would like your life to go.   This in itself, is a journey – a journey of exploration, and as you begin to learn more about yourself, who you are, at core level, you can start to manifest into your life the tools required to carry you forward.

You will probably know who you are at core level, but I am talking not only a deeper understanding of who you are, but more importantly, an acceptance of who you really are.   This will then bring into the surrender of the mind, and its learned behaviours and the freedom of the feelings and guidance from the heart to allow you to resume the journey for the full spiritual and physical potential which is before you. 

Love and Light

Spiritual Samaritans
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