Has Everybody got a Spirit Guide?

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Has Everybody got a Spirit Guide?


The answer to that is a definite “Yes”.

If you have read my book or any of my articles, you will know by now, that we are all a spiritual being, living a human experience for a reason.

When we are in the spiritual realms, we take a good look at our Akashic record and decide how we are going to balance the book as it were. There are many avenues to follow, and one is living a life in human form on Mother Earth.

If we choose that route, we set out a plan of what we would like to achieve in this life.  Our spiritual purpose, to balance any karma, to face challenges and lessons that are still part of our spiritual progression and work towards a spiritual destiny that will benefit and reward our life and the challenges we have overcome.    By completing this spiritual mission, we have raised our spiritual and energetic vibrations higher still, which is taking us further towards the Divine Source.

Having arranged what and how we are going to achieve all this in human form, we set about choosing our parents, siblings and family members and the environment that would serve our purpose to the best.

If we have a special soul connection with someone, or maybe a twin flame connection, this also can be included in this life purpose. It is dependant where we are in this connection and any more challenges to overcome until the full circle can be reached, which may have lasted many lifetimes.

Then you ask another Soul, from perhaps your Soul Family or one or many lifetimes you have experienced, to be your main guide.  This is sometimes referred to as your Doorkeeper guide or Guardian Angel.   This soul will watch over you, guiding you, loving you unconditionally through every part of your life in human form.

Through different parts of our journey on earth, we may need the extra help of spiritual teachers, musicians, authors, engineers, scientists, philosophers the list is endless. These souls will join with your doorkeeper guide to give assistance, inspiration and guidance where necessary. Sometimes loved ones of this life, who have passed over, including any pets, will spend time watching over you as well, particularly if they can help when you are met by a challenge that they are familiar with, through their connection to you, to help you along the way.

So you see, you are never really alone.  These dear souls are so full of love for you – they hold no judgement of any kind. This is impossible for them – and they only want the best for you and will help in any way you can.

So you see – once you accept their presence in your life, you only have to ask for help, and it will be given.  The law of free-will prevents them from stepping in unless you allow it.

Love and light 

Spiritual Samaritans
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