Has Everybody got a Soulmate?

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Well in answer to the question above – the answer is “Yes”. However, spiritually speaking there is a lot to consider when attempting to understand the purely spiritual aspect of these connections. Although the journey towards one another can be very complicated and even arduous – when you finally find each other, the completion of each soul connecting together in human form is beyond words and “eternal bliss is the closest to describing the connection.

In this day and age, we find that we have more Twin Flames as well as Twin Rays alongside Soulmates and even Soul Groups, magnetically pulling together until in divine timing they physically connect to begin their journey together. Whatever the status of the relationships between two souls, there is always a spiritual purpose, as well as a spiritual journey and lessons to be explored and learnt.

Nobody is judging you or urging you to follow this somewhat fraught journey towards each other, this is something you have both agreed to complete as part of your own individual spiritual journey and in most cases, it is also part of both of your spiritual purpose for this life.

Remembering that “Love is the currency of the Universe,” and when our heart chakras are full of love and harmony, our spiritual light becomes brighter and we emit a vibration that enhances not only our soul and physical being, but it inspires those around you to raise there own vibration so they may bathe in your light.

Now when the right moment has arrived for two souls to unite together in human form, the light of unconditional love for the world is significantly raised, the positive light of love inspires many, and as it grows globally – the negative energies begin to recede into the shadows. This is about healing our planet, Mother Earth.

The more in tune with your higher self, and understanding your intuition – you will recognise the magnetic pull of your soulmate and as the Universe works hard to bring you together at the right time. You will recognise the other part of you from an energetic vibrational level upon meeting, and you may find it overwhelming at first, but as your energies balance and settle in this arena, you will begin to find your way to the eternal bliss that this type of love creates.

As I mentioned in my “Soul Connections” article, there are some cases where your soulmate has decided to stay in the spiritual realms, or perhaps passed back before you could attain the eternal bliss on this earth. This would be part of your soul contracts that you have both agreed to, and for the one left in the physical life, the Universe will give you the opportunity to have someone in your life of a companionable and possibly even passionate connection, which is up to you and your free-will whether to pursue this new connection. Please remember that your Soulmate in spirit loves you unconditionally and wants you to be happy. They do not have earthly judgements or worries or possessive values. They love you and always will, but they understand and do not want you to be lonely or go it alone unless that is the choice you wish for yourself.

love and light

Spiritual Samaritans
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