Eating Healthily, Nutritionally and Enhance your Spiritual Well-being

October 8, 2020

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In harmony


 How to harmonize your day in your daily routine

There are many ways to improve our everyday life, and one of them is through certain routines or habits. There are definitely some good routines that allow us to connect with our inner being and that it is really worth starting to practice.

When an action is repeated day after day, it becomes a habit, which is a kind of ritual that we do without even realizing it. This is very interesting to apply to our lives, but with good routines or habits, that make us feel much happier and allows us to become more connected with our higher self.

Remembering that our spiritual well-being is intimately linked to our health and there is no better way to show our self-love than through healthy eating and exercise; and in general, leading a more energetic lifestyle.

Nutritious food helps our brain think more clearly, and our body increases its vital energy.  This energy is essential to achieving positive changes in our day.  Eating healthy does not necessarily mean that we diet. The most important benefits are obtained by selecting vital foods in the body, which are basically to stimulate the brain and improve our health to avoid disease.

Daily exercise, in addition to aiming to maintain an adequate body weight, has many more benefits, including reducing stress. Still, it also helps us increase our strength, have a more vital energy, and control our appetite.

Our body is one of the more important means to connect with our higher self, it is an empowering complement to meditation and our spiritual life.  Thereby taking care of our mind, body and soul, we can achieve harmony, bringing inner-peace and well-being.

So Why Eat Healthily?

It has been proven that good nutrition improves people’s moods, and this definitely helps that everything we do in our day gives us satisfaction and we do it with much more love. The effects of a good diet are not long in coming, and after eating healthy, you will see the immediate reward in the way you feel and in your positive perspective of everything that happens to you.

Commonly, most people do not consume the minimum necessary of fruits, cereals, legumes, and nuts. In addition, it is also common for the doses in sugars, salt, and fats to be higher than they should be.  In fact, moderation in everything is a good rule of thumb.

But don’t worry, this can be solved. With a little information and with our commitment to improving our health. The foods you should start consuming if you can.

To begin to better nourish your body, keep these foods in mind, and gradually incorporate them into your meals where possible.  They are the most advisable foods for health.  Do not forget that your own Health Professionals can give you individual guidance on the best types of foods and drinks that are advisable for you and any health conditions you may or may not have.

  • Salmon:  is very nutritious and ideal for greater general well-being and avoiding risks of serious diseases. Its Omega 3 has very positive effects on the heart and nervous system.
  • Spinach:  has iron and other minerals, and its vitamin content is very high.
  • Swiss Chards:  are particularly for good circulation in the blood and the brain.
  • Blueberries: it is a sweet element full of vitamins, and it is also an excellent antioxidant. It is essential to improve memory and brain function.
  • Seaweed: contains a large amount of iron, calcium, magnesium, and anti-inflammatory substances.
  • Avocado: are sources of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it is a powerful natural anticarcinogen.
  • Almonds:  have more fibres than any other dried fruit, are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, calcium
  • Vitamin E:  They help balance cholesterol levels.
  • Broccoli:  can significantly reduce the risk of cancer and is vital to maintain adequate circulation due to its folic acid content.

Food and spiritual well-being

A balanced diet keeps us in an optimal state of health by providing our body with the nutrients that guarantee that we will be able to use all our systems to the maximum for our daily performance.

Imagine that our body must be built day by day. Therefore, to make it the best body possible for us, we must give it food that makes it work well. We, like our Car, need fuel to run at an optimal level.

Otherwise, if we consume excess food that overloads our system, it will not be able to clean up so quickly and work towards avoiding imbalances that transform eventually into diseases.

If our body is in tune and produces harmony, it is much easier to connect with the spiritual, because our physique will be a channel that leads us to it and not one that puts us at a disadvantage. It is a lifestyle where spiritual and physical health is connected. Your mind-set is beneficial here, which is why it must always be a personal choice.

Remember that your higher self, that supreme part of yourself, lives in this dimension and is with you now, but does not belong here. This motivates us to connect with our spiritual being and also demonstrate that our body is a temple where abundant health lives

 How to start a fitness lifestyle?

Starting a change and starting this lifestyle is a process, you should know that you will not be perfect all the time and that you should not feel bad if you do not strictly follow a  healthy diet.

Your start should be little by little, you don’t need to throw away your entire pantry or anything like that. Starting to eat healthily or exercising does not have to be overnight because your body will appreciate that you are creating and taking your first steps.

When we want to change everything at once, there are more possibilities that you feel frustrated or that you are overwhelmed by so many things, such as following a strict diet and spending 3 hours in the gym; which is not really necessary.

What we seek is to have a healthier, happier lifestyle and where we feel more motivated with our body, our health, and where we have spiritual well-being.

However, for this, you will only initially need a few 20 or 25 minutes of exercise a day and incorporate more beneficial foods for your health.

Only these small steps are a guarantee that you will begin to feel better and that you are much more connected with your body and with your spiritual being when you meditate. Nothing like a clear head and energized body to start your meditation for the day.

If you feel or know that traditional exercise is too much for you, there are so many different ways of maintaining physical well being.    Meditation and visualization of a healthy body, by telling your own body intelligence to repair. This will take time, but you will slowly begin to receive the benefits of this.     For those unable to do traditional exercise routines, there are also many opportunities to follow; perhaps a Sitting QiGong Routine.    Rose Quartz or Crystals, for Energy Healing, while Meditating         

 How should you do this process step by step?

One change per week is more than enough to start. Set yourself a weekly goal, for example, if you like soda a lot you can select yourself a purpose in your first week, decrease the amount you consume.

 If you have 5 soft drinks in the week, then your goal will be to take 4 in this one, but not eliminate it.  For it to be an effective process, don’t eliminate anything as quickly but simply decrease the amounts you currently consume.

Think that each change helps your body to adapt to this style you want to wear. Remember that our body does not like to change if you force it, but if you do it little by little your body somehow will not realize that you are trying to change, and it will be much easier. It is best to do it as a transition process. Already in the fourth week, you will have only 1 soft drink a week, and in the next then you can replace the soft drink with a tea sweetened with stevia. Everything is progressive, and in this way, you can transform a harmful habit into a good one. This has a lot to do with our spiritual life and our higher self.

Whenever we try to be better day after day, we are on the right path, as it is not a process where you are forcing or forcing yourself to change. You do it because connecting with your higher self makes your life so much better; Although you have in mind that not everything will always be perfect and that you can make mistakes in your life.

How do I make exercise a part of my life?

If you have never exercised, the small steps will continue to be your best ally.

Start by going out for a walk every day, this simple act that may seem more like a distraction than becoming a coach; it is actually the key to success.  Get out for 30 minutes taking that walk, and your body will adapt to the movement more than usual. If unable to do so, try Sitting QiGong or Chakra Meditation.

After a couple of weeks doing this, you can then start with 20 minutes or 25 minutes of exercise. If you are not aware of what exercises to do, don’t put any effort into it and watch a video on YouTube or sign up for a class at the gym. In the same way, after spending several weeks, it will be time to train with weight and an exercise routine. Exercise as a representation of self-love

One of the most remarkable ways to feel present and alive is to exercise, that’s why it is so generally recommended.

Exercising daily is the same as telling our body that we take care of it because we love ourselves. The result of the exercise begins to show, and we start to feel that our physique improves.

This makes us feel proud, more confident, more vital, energized, and healthy. In general, it is a reliable way to connect with our bodies and our present.

Our physical performance is going to increase, and this allows us to dedicate more time to the activities that we like and the beings that we love. In short, it is an activity that makes our lives better, and this is where self-love is reflected.

Think of it as an activity that benefits your health, your mind, your physical state, your energy, and your way of connecting with yourself. It really is a benefit that helps you improve who you are inside and out and a benefit when meditating with a body and mind connected to the higher. Your body is the representation of the self-improvement that you are making in your being.

  • Meditation,
  • Nutritious Diet
  • Fitness

 They are three elements or dimensions that are interconnected to help you achieve the same goal. A healthy lifestyle encompasses these three variants, and in all of them, you must make an effort to progress every day. Your goal is to have a better quality of life, connect with your higher self, and be happier. And these three elements are channels that will help you stay in tune.

These tools are at your disposal and should not be ignored. As your habits are more connected to your purpose, what you want will be around you. When you exercise, meditate, and eat healthily. This is an ideal path for a life centered on love and the gifts that the universe wants to give and to which we are sometimes unwilling to receive.

The best thing about these tools is that even though you are in difficult times, they will help you take the path back to your purpose because you will be in more spirit to think and feel better, you will feel healthier and meditation will It will help with the solutions you should find on your way or at a specific ti

 A New Perspective of your life

By following these tips, you will have decided to materialize a new lifestyle step by step, understanding that your body and mind are a channel for your spiritual well-being. Understanding that these elements depend solely on you and that you can become 100% in each of them. To be someone more optimal and willing to listen to the higher voice that is within itself.

A guide for your path

Every step you take will be a motivating element to continue this beautiful path. It does not matter if at first, it seems complicated, but you will change your perspective on your life, and change your vibrations – drawing more abundance into your life.

If you want to have a guide with more details on how to achieve these positive changes in your reality, you have a small electronic book that will give you the most important secrets for not giving up on the road, even if you are now having a bad time. This guide will motivate you and improve your lifestyle spiritually, in your mind and body

Love and Light

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