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Divine Timing

Divine Timing

It has to be said, Divine Timing is complicated to our human way of thinking.    We live our lives in this human form, having been introduced to clock and calendar from infancy until this present moment.  Naturally, that is not going to change.

However, to understand Divine Timing, you really need to look at this from an entirely different viewpoint, with no thought of time or dates in your mind. 

In fact, from our human perspective, it is really impossible to fully understand Divine Timing and the Tapestry of life. The fact that we are first and foremost, Spirit within a human form, allows us to merge our human mind with our higher self, which enables us to a glimpse into what it is all about.

With the help of my guides and my experiences working with Spirit all my life. I will try to explain my view on this.

Within the Universe, the spiritual realms, time is not counted.   We are all energy, and as we know, energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it is continually flowing and changing and probably adapting.  

When we enter into this life, in human form; our higher self is aware of the Soul Contracts, Karma, Challenges, Lessons and Spiritual Life Purpose we are hoping to achieve. 

You must also remember that we each have a limited amount of free-will, as in the Universal Law of Free-Will. 

So, our higher self has the Life Road Map that we have created for ourselves.  Until the moment our human mind awakens to our higher self, we are kind of free-wheeling in life. 

Always your higher self is trying to guide you, as is the Universe and your guides and loved ones, with Unconditional Love.

And so our journey in life begins.  As a child and infant, we still retain our spiritual beginnings, but as the world unfolds around us, and we take on more and more the lessons and influences around us, our spiritual roots fade further into the background.

Life on this planet becomes our sole focus.   

You probably had times in your life, as if you felt the Universe was raining hell down on you and wondered why.  Sometimes they have to use tough love to get you to move out that comfort zone to meet and cross paths with people and situations that will move you on to achieve the next stage of your spiritual journey.  

Sometimes, when we are oblivious to our intuition or higher self, and utilise our free-will, we sway off-course.  Remember always, the Universe, the guides, your angels are working for YOUR greater good.  They want you to achieve your spiritual purpose as much as you do, even though your human self maybe not be aware of it.

This is also why the more you fine-tune your intuition, the easier it becomes to follow the right path for your particular journey.

So think perhaps of the Tapestry of Life, as a vast jigsaw puzzle, and you are one piece, but you cannot join the picture until it is the right time and all the other pieces that are your part of the image are in place.

Free-will can never stop you achieving your purpose, but it can delay it – but is the delay part of the journey?  Who knows!

Love and light





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