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Hi Everyone
My name is Amanda, and like most of you, my life has been a roller-coaster of events. Some positive and some not so much.
I have always tried to look on the World with kindness and compassion from the heart, and although I have never let life get the better of me, there have been times when I have felt crushed and beaten down.
I am sure this is a scenario that you are familiar with as much as I.

Looking back, I now realize I have always been on my personal spiritual journey and it is not about the challenges that life throws at you, or indeed how many, but how you deal with them and learn and grow from the lessons which are all part of your spiritual purpose and the reason you incarnated into this life.

I am now sailing in much smoother waters in my life, and although upon reflection if I look back on my path, although very difficult at times, they made me stronger within myself, and in part made me into the woman I am today, which is someone I am now very happy to be, and I now have my loving husband and family which I can now appreciate to the full and able to return that love.

As I continue my journey, I love my “Work Your Light Oracle Cards” by Rebecca Campbell as I turn a card for myself daily, knowing that the Universe is still guiding me through the cards so I may reach my full potential in this life and share my abundance with those I meet upon the path of life.
love and light to you all


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Take Three Nice Deep Breaths, Mentally ask the Universe to guide you in what you need to know at this moment as you click the shuffle button below the deck, and when ready hit the arrow to reveal your card for the day.

Enjoy the cards, and know these are for guidance purposes only.  You always have free-will to make your own choices in life.


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Love and Light


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