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Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing

Let me start by telling you that I am not a Crystal Healer, and in fact, I really do not know too much about Crystals. However, what I do know is that everything is Energy and although we know that Energy cannot be created or destroyed we know that it can be changed. Crystals too are energy. They seem to have the capabilities of hoarding an abundance of energy within themselves, and capable of radiating good and positive vibrations to the holder of the Crystal.

As the Crystal is connected to the Divine Source without interruption of any kind, it is constantly being recharged with positive energy to radiate to those within its energy field.

We in human form tend to view situations in our lives on an “exchange basis” whereas the Crystal is more of a bridge between the Divine Source and the recipient of the Crystals Energies, with no thought than to give and help those in need, knowing that the Universe will always provide.

As you are aware, we are all about Energy and Vibrations. When our vibrations are low, we experience perhaps bad moods, sadness, negativity and even sometimes over a prolonged period of time, ill-health. To find the right Crystal or Crystals to match your vibration, and help to recharge your lowered vibrations, is all to your good.

To wear it all the time, as a piece of jewellery, or sleep with it under your pillow, or carry it in your pocket will allow the Crystal to constantly link with your vibrational energy giving you upliftment and gradually change your energy to its optimum level bringing about a feeling of well being.

There are Crystal Healers and Therapists where you can book an appointment with them and have an intense session with many types of Crystals to bring about a head start in raising your vibrational level bringing you Spiritual abundance into your life and more importantly your sense of wellbeing.

There are those who will laugh at the idea of a Crystal being capable of so much, but sadly these type of people have no idea of the beauty that surrounds us on our magnificent planet and all that it offers, as their values are aimed in an entirely different direction,

If you are going to buy some Crystals for your own personal use, and I really hope you do, can I suggest that you buy the ones you “feel” drawn to. Irrespective of what the blurb says about the Crystal. If you go for what you feel drawn to, then it is calling out to you.

I often say to my students, your body is very capable of telling you what it needs, and when the message keeps repeating itself to you – then that is what it needs (In moderation of course) and that even includes the Chocoholics amongst us.

If the idea of Crystals is a whole new concept to you and you do not really know where to start, may I suggest you begin with Rose Quartz – This is very much a healing stone, for general wellbeing, and is also quite pretty and very reasonably priced.

How to care for your crystal

When you first bring your crystal home, you’ll want to cleanse away any negativity it may have picked up. You can hold it under cold, running water from a tap or rinse it in a natural source of water. Either way, be sure the water is cool, not warm or hot.

Add a bit of sea salt to the cleanse or burn sage to really help it get rid of unwanted energies. You can also leave it out to dry in morning sunlight or full moonlight to let the light filter through.

Love and Light

Spiritual Samaritans
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