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What Exactly Is Scrying?

Scrying, used in a spiritual sense can assist you to tap into your unconscious and the unconscious of the cosmos. It might seem future-oriented because it can help you re-centre your direction in life.

Gaining this ability isn’t easy. However, with commitment and practice, it can be obtained. It goes way beyond our five senses allowing us to perceive things by using our inborn second sight – our untapped sense we call intuition. Everyone has it. However, not everyone knows how to access it, but you can learn to focus and fine-tune this sense to become successful in accessing the inner-guidance from your higher self.

Different ways of Scrying

Scrying is performed using a reflective surface, perhaps like a mirror, crystal ball, or even water. There are some other ways, that you possibly have used throughout your life, and perhaps not even realised it. By Scrying using one of the methods listed below, you may have found that it has given you inspiration, upliftment and a feeling good factor, thus opening the doorway to your higher self and suddenly an idea, or solution to your present situations pops into your mind and suddenly you have the next step forward.

  • Cloud Gazing –  You probably have looked many a long moment, as a child, watching the clouds move along, and see all sorts of images and ideas within them. Even as an adult, something catches your attention and you look up, and an idea or you are lucky enough to see a rainbow, and you just KNOW that all will be well.
  • Mirrors – Perhaps the most popular form of scrying, is looking into a mirror. Maybe you are putting on your make-up, or brushing your hair, or for the Guys, shaving. At this moment you are preoccupied but aware of your surroundings, relaxed and open to inspiration. This is when your higher self can make its guidance known to you. You would be wise to remember your thoughts and apply to the situations or any dilemmas in your life at the present time. It is important to examine these thoughts and interpret what is being said to you to help you in your life and any decisions you may need to make.
  • Water – Just like staring into mirrors, you can also look into the water and after a few minutes, you’ll begin to notice objects form. If you wish, you can drop pebbles or crystals, tumble stones to create ripples and receive further messages.
  • Fire – So who hasn’t looked into the depth of the fire in the fireplace, and felt hypnotised by its invitation., This is a really effective way to understand yourself and seek answers to your questions. How it works is very simple. Gaze into the flames for visions – whether it is in the fireplace or a bonfire.
  • Crystal – Now this is the traditional method, by gazing into a Crystal ball. This method makes you aware that you are searching for guidance from the Universe and your guides, and so this is for the more experienced Scryers or those that have attuned into their higher self to hear, sense and feel the guidance being offered.

How to Practice and fine-tune your Intuition with Scrying


My favourite form of scrying has always been with water. Whether it is a Garden Pond, a lake or the sea is irrelevant, as long as you are alone without interruptions and able to eliminate any/or interruptions that could be around you is fine. The simplest way, however, is to use a bowl of water, with perhaps flowers or petals floating in it, and maybe use Crystals or Tumble stones to cause a ripple in the water or maybe just connecting the energy from your hand to the water to resonate and intuitively perceive inspiration and guidance for the situations you are asking about.

Remember that you as a scryer you can adjust this method and create your own. If using water doesn’t appeal to you, then use another form such as fire, mirrors, or clouds! Experiment with several techniques until you find one that feels right for you.

Let’s begin with this quick demonstration. You’ll need the following materials:

  • A bowl
  • Natural water
  • Flat surface
  • A flower or Petals (Optional)
  • A comfortable seat
  • Relaxed and quiet Environment

1. Prepare Your Bowl

Fill a large bowl with cold water, insert flowers or petals and maybe even some essential oils to alert you to a pleasant aroma, thus creating a very relaxed atmosphere for yourself. Place on a flat surface, light candles if it is safe to do so, and make yourself comfortable looking into the water.

2. Relaxing Breaths & Meditation

Relax your whole body, breathe in the beautiful aromas. Put on some Meditational Music if you would prefer, and begin to breathe deeply. Inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. Do this several times and when ready begin to glance into the water, at the same time, just ask your guides and loves ones to look over you with love and protection.

As your mind begins to wander and you focus on the images in front of you, also taking notes of your thoughts that seem to come outside of your normal blend of thinking, as well as what you are feeling and gradually you will be able to answer these questions. Sometimes the visions presented will not be crystal clear. Take notes after a session about what you witnessed. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for you to interpret the message.


Becoming an experienced scryer can take some time. Remember to be patient and practice. It’s only then that you will become an expert at scrying. It is normally helpful to have an intention prior to scrying. For instance, you may be wanting to discover what’s holding you back from being successful or where your anxiousness is coming from, or where you are going in your career – the question can be anything that is directly connected to self – and always, always be honest with yourself. .

I hope this guide has helped you not only obtain a better understanding of scrying but learn about different forms you can use to develop your skills and ability as a scryer. Remember though, there are many ways to access your higher self, which will always begin with focus and meditation and then whichever form of intuition you wish to follow whether scrying or another psychic tool, all lead to your connection with The Universe which becomes not only a stronger way but a pure and honest way. Good Luck!

Love and Light

Spiritual Samaritans
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