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Chakra System and Chi Energy

Energy is constantly moving. We are Energy, Everything is Energy. In the Human Form when Energy is blocked and continues to be blocked, it tends to manifest in the human form with different levels of negativity and can over a period of time show itself in ill health.

As you can see from the Chakra image above, when the Chakras are unblocked and Chi is allowed to flow in the correct manner, not only do we heighten our senses but we raise our vibrational level, and bring about a state of harmony of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

However, when we are closed to the wonders of the Universe and our spirit within, by living our lives in the learned behaviours and environment from a young age, we are preventing the Chi to flow freely and therefore we are unable to liberate ourselves from what and how society has taught us to think, feel and do. These learned behaviours over time create some if not all of the blockages listed on the right in the Chakra image.

At some point in our lives, we reach the proverbial crossroads and we just know our life is not how it is meant to be and we begin to search for answers.

Remembering that we are Spirit within a human form, the answers will always lie within. Louise Hay wrote a bestseller many years ago called “You Can Heal Your Life” and she was correct. When you just know you need to change you can begin by taking a good honest look at who you are, what your life is about, and look at what you need to change in order to liberate yourself from what no longer serves you.

This is not about taking drastic action and just running away from uncomfortable situations but more to internally making an emotional spring clean to clear out learned behaviours and understanding that no longer serve you. To meditate to cleanse, heal and re-energise your Chakras by Meditation on a regular basis. You could also include Colour Energy Healing in your routine, and as you follow this spiritual journey of self-healing and self love you will begin to feel much lighter and peaceful in your life and the Chi energy will be able to flow freely within bring you this wonderful sense of well being, top which we all deserve.

love and light

Spiritual Samaritans
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