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So you are probably thinking -, how can changing my thoughts really change my reality? How does this work?

In harmony
In Harmony

Well, Yes it can – but it is not as simple as just thinking good thoughts all the time.   Yes, it is part of it, but you need to “feel” it too.   

Also before getting to this point, you need to clear a lot of emotional baggage that has probably been weighing you down for years, as well as begin to understand just who you are and what you want in your life, and how much you think you deserve it.

Throughout a lifetime of learned behaviours, experiences and observations; we have created a reality within our minds as to who, what and the role we play in our own lives.  

Following on from that evaluation, we then begin to view our world from that perspective. 

When you get to a point, that you realise that this perspective is not working for you, it opens us up to the opportunity to reflect on whether or not those values are still valid and more importantly are they working for or against your higher self.    

This is where you awaken within to your higher self, to access the guidance which will take you along your path that is your unique spiritual journey and the reason you are experiencing this spiritual life within human form.

It has been my experience and observations, that the more people are weighed down with negativity in their lives, the lower the self-love and self-esteem is within them; therefore they convince themselves they are unworthy of achieving this or that in their lives, which is not the real value of who they are, but one born out of negative situations and experiences.

As we start to “let go” of negative thoughts and situations, including memories of past hurts, we begin to change our perspective of the world and finally of ourselves.

We begin to focus on who and what we are, and as we move forward, we begin to find our role in our own lives.   

This takes time and focus, and although it might seem like continued baby steps, you will begin to feel a sense of contentment and inner peace, and this is where you just know you are on the right path.

You begin working from your heart chakra, which is capable of unconditional love, kindness, compassion, non-judgement and being a prominent part of the inner voice of your mind, body and soul working together in perfect unison.

When you embark upon this journey of self-awareness, heeding the guidance of your spirit within, you will see the world from a different perspective, and your actions will bring about a change in your reality.   The Universe will respond through the law of Cause and Effect, and bring to you the spiritual abundance which are the tools you require in human form to complete your journey and fulfil your destiny for this life you are living today.

Personally, I always think that if we are true to ourselves, rather than how society deems we should behave with one another, it is only then that we find that inner peace that we all need to be grounded and live harmoniously.

love and light

Spiritual Samaritans
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