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Chakra Meditation as I have spoken about in-depth in my book Spiritual Awakenings A Self Help Guide and here is a summary of the basics of Chakra Meditation, which is something we should adapt and fine-tune to our own needs and personality in order to continue upon our own Spiritual Journey and the path of Enlightenment.

I would agree, Meditation is not for everyone, – or so it seems.   However, there are many levels of Meditation, and for this, we are going to use a simple, basic lesson in healing ourselves using Chakra Meditation.

As I have said before, everything spiritual comes from within.  To obtain Spiritual Awakening we need to access consciously, our spirit within, or higher self, and the best way to attune this energy vibration is to learn how to quieten your mind, and focus within, and to allow the work of access to begin, by clearing, healing and unblocking your Chakra’s whilst in a state of Meditative focus.

There are many Chakra’s within, which are the gateways to your spiritual soul, or higher self.   Like many things in life, when not used regularly, they can become blocked, and dull, and do not function correctly in the designated way.    Chi – which is the life force flowing through our bodies, needs to have a clear pathway, so the Chi can flow freely, raising your vibration and giving you a sense and understanding of inner-peace, good energy and well-being.

When this Chi is blocked and forced to make a detour, over some time, it can manifest in ill-health within the physical body.

To obtain balance in our lives, and to raise the vibrations of our Chi, we need to work to find balance between all three, Mind, Body and Spirit.

It is all true to say that people who have had adverse health conditions that using Chakra Meditation daily they have begun to see quite an improvement in their physical health and in some cases significant improvement in even the toughest health issues.  

You would be surprised just how sophisticated our body intelligence is.  If you think of a small cut on your finger.  You clean it up, you wait for the bleeding to stop, and then it heals.  How does it improve?  The body intelligence goes to work to correct the fault, because your mind has accepted that this “cut” is not an acceptable part of your body.  This is not merely a case of “mind over matter”  but rather a directive from you and your higher self to heal that part of your body.    When your mind, body and spirit are in balance and working as one, the body can correct any imbalances once you choose to recognise them, and direct the body to clear away any harmful residues within.   Again, positive thoughts of “I am healthy” have a much more positive effect upon your body intelligence, rather than “I am in pain, I hurt, I suffer, and I am sick”.    Your body intelligence takes its directive from your mind, so a daily mantra of “I am healthy” will set the body intelligence a task to clear away any unwanted and alien activity within you.

The Seven Basic Chakras

The first Chakra, which is located within, at the base of the spine and is generally so-called

1.         The Root Chakra – This represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded, and when we are walking or surrounded in nature, this Chakra absorbs the energy from Mother Earth, thereby, giving us this grounding feeling thus building the foundation of our Chakra System.

2.         The Sacral Chakra – This is located in the lower abdomen, about two inches below the navel.    This Chakra is connected to our “pleasure” zone, covering our confidence, abundance, new experiences, as well as our desires and sexuality.

3.         The Solar Plexus Chakra – This is located in the upper abdomen, in the stomach area.  In this day and age that we are currently living in, time seems to be the thing that is in short supply, and because of the pace we live at, we tend to  seriously neglect ourselves and  I have noticed in my experiences, the primary situation that seems to cause the most problems for people when they come to me for healing; is the blockage of this Chakra, and it can create a lot of issues to manifest in the physical. 

When you look at what the Solar Plexus is aligned to, I am not surprised,  and I suspect, neither will you be when you learn that this is the Chakra that controls our self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem,  and how we conduct our lives and view ourselves.

So, it is from our understanding of learned behaviour’s, that I talk about in my book and indeed, my teachings we can begin to understand that this is where the ego reigns supreme, when allowed the freedom to do so, and because of these conflicts, this is the Chakra that usually needs the most attention.

4.         The Heart Chakra – This is found, in the centre of the chest, just above the heart.   This chakra controls our ability to love, and when this Chakra is working without any blockages and in good spiritual health, is our most influential and most important connection to our emotions and intuition.  When it is blocked or continuously pushed down by us and our environment, it begins to build and build, until moments in our lives can trigger and erupt this emotional volcano, and not only the results but the intense feelings we experience can be so overwhelming.    Much like the river, the constant flow is essential to maintain balance, freedom and good “Chi” to keep mind, body and spiritual balance and harmony.

5.         The Throat Chakra – This is found in the throat area and is all about our ability to communicate, self-expression of feelings and the truth.  This is another essential chakra, particularly in this day and age, as we have learned to suppress our emotions, thus creating an inability to express them.  Much like the heart Chakra, we need to express our feelings.   Self-expression is essential to well-being and balance.  Of course, we cannot go around just saying what we think and feel without thought or feelings of others.   However, by Self-expression I really mean, be totally truthful and honest with yourself.   Not judgements or behaviours expressed to you by others, but your own self-approval, self-love and self-worthiness.   This is all part of the self-healing process.

6.         The Third Eye Chakra – This is located on the forehead, between the eyes. Using the third eye chakra, it not only addresses and brings in our intuition, our imagination, our wisdom and our ability to think and make decisions, but is an excellent tool in guiding us in the physical body, on the path that is right for our spirit within.  

7.            The Crown Chakra – This also is a significant Chakra and located at the top of the head. It gives us our perception of inner and outer beauty, and our connection to spirit and to receive the unconditional love in abundance, creating a state of pure bliss.  As you reach the Crown Chakra, having cleared and re-energised the previous ones, your connection to the Universe will be secure, and you will actually feel the intensity of power you now have access to, as is your divine right.

As you begin to see, that if your chakras are blocked or remain inactive with the life force radiating through your body (Chi) they can affect your function and everyday life, and allow all sorts of problems to invade your physical body, and the Chi and your Spiritual Self is not able to function in the way it should, which is to help and guide you, with your life choices, and to journey  towards your life purpose and the reasons for this life you are experiencing, bringing you unconditional love and comfort as well as the courage and strength required to face any challenges in front of you.

Once you have reached a point through Chakra Meditation and begin to unblock and heal each Chakra, renewing the energy, and elevating your vibrational energy, you begin to feel a state of well-being, calmness, inner-peace and also an improvement in any current health conditions you may have.    

love and light

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