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Eating Healthily, Nutritionally and Enhance your Spiritual Well-being

 How to harmonize your day in your daily routine There are many ways to improve our everyday life, and one of them is through certain routines or habits. There are definitely some good routines that allow us to connect with our inner being and that it is really worth starting to practice. When an...

Sitting QiGong

We are all taught that we need to exercise for many different reasons, to maintain good health and vitality. When you are reasonably healthy you have many opportunities to choose your form of exercise as part of your daily functions. However, if you are not...

Calling all Lightworkers – The Spiritual Pioneers

As lightworkers, spiritual seekers and students of the Universe, you most probably have spent the last decade or two, wondering why you have been facing so many challenges and struggles and that your life has been like an emotional and personal roller coaster. I know as I talk to people who are...
Spiritual Samaritans

Learning about Self Love – I deserve to be Happy

I never really knew what love was. I grew up feeling lost and entitled to things that I now know my parents weren’t capable of providing. Things that were not just monetary, but also what was expected of a family unit. We were a fair-weather religious family, which meant we would only go to Church...
Spiritual Seeker

Are you a Spiritual Seeker?

I was researching a little while ago for my book “Spiritual Awakening – A Self Help Guide”, and to my astonishment I found some people on a Spiritual and Psychic forum complaining that Mediums never share their “secrets”, and I realised there and then that there are so many people who are lost in...

Family, Love and Laughter – A Powerful Combination

Life is laughter and laughter is the best medicine in the world, and who better to make you laugh than those you love especially the young. My two beautiful girls above Ryland Jo on the left, and Morrighan Lue on the right are part of my lovely family and just looking at their beautiful smiling...
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