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As we sit at the beginning of a new decade in 2020, we are witnessing a change in energy around the globe. Situations and events happening all over the world, are slowly eradicating any of our old behaviours that no longer serve us and have been instrumental in damaging Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

We are now coming into a decade of a New Order which will be awakening people to the World of Spirit and the Universal Energies and bringing people out of the negative darkness that they have all been residing within, to begin to understand what our life on this planet is really all about.

So, whether you are at the beginning, the middle or the end of your own Spiritual Awakening, you have the tools to help others. Here at Spiritual Samaritans you will find like-minded people. We want to teach the world about Unconditional love, about healing their lives, about embracing kindness and compassion and to let go of any stored negative emotions and behaviours that are slowly damaging the physical body as well as being in complete contradiction to their spirit within.

As we grow on-line we will be adding courses and tutorials to help you to enhance your spiritual gifts and skills and where necessary guide you to the path that is the right skill for your gifts.

If you are a writer or have something spiritual and helpful to say, to encourage others to come out of their own personal darkness, by sharing an experience or understanding of your own, then please email me and I will be happy, upon approval to publish your blog on our website.

Join our community, help others and if you would like to volunteer your skills to help others, then please feel free to let me know.

love and light


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