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Kirlian Photography)

The photo you see above is a photograph taken using Aura Photography Equipment or sometimes referred to as Kirlian Photography.

There is a Wonderful Spirit Guide called “Silver Birch” and through the Direct Voice Mediumship of Hanna Swaffer and then Maurice Barbanell,, the Direct Voice or Seances that were recorded on a weekly basis over a series of years in early 20th Century have been transcribed into book form. The links to these wonderful books are listed below.

Silver Birch is a wonderful spiritual philosopher and teacher and his words inspire so many people throughout the ages, and his description of what the Aura is explains it very simply. Here is an excerpt from one of his books.

“What is an Aura?

The aura consists of the vibrations set up by the body.
There are many auras, but the ones that are known to your world are the auras that surround the physical body
and the spirit body.
All things have auras, even things which do not have consciousness within them.
The auras consist of the vibrations that emanate from the body, and according to the state of the body,
so there are different vibrations. Those who can see the auras and can interpret them to know all the secrets
of the individual.
They can diagnose the health of the individual.
They know the state of his soul and his mind’s unfoldment. They can tell the evolution of that soul,
for it is the aura that enables you all to be read like an open book.
Your aura registers all that you have said, all that you have thought, all that you have done.
Your aura is your eternal judgement, for there you are showing to those who can see exactly what you are within and
not as you show yourselves without.

Do you refer to the aura of the spirit body?

Yes. The aura of the physical body has more to do with physical things, such as health, temper or habits.
All these things register in different colours.”

Once this is established, the healing can begin.

As you awaken to your higher self and begin to attune your intuition into your conscious thoughts, you begin to use your sense of “seeing” “hearing” and “feeling” the spiritual guidance, and as you balance your vibration, you begin to see or feel auric colours which emit a vibration that can balance the auric field of the other being including plants, animals, nature itself as well as people around us and who cross our paths.

When a Psychic gives information, they are sensing your aura and its vibrations and communicating with you, what your higher self is trying to guide you on the path that is right for you.

A Psychic or Spiritual Medium will not only read the auric field around you, but also have direct contact through their own guides to your loved ones in the Spiritual Realms.

A Spiritual or Energy Healer will work with your Aura to repair any damage, emotional, physical or spiritual in order to bring about well being into your life and to help you along your pathway.

You can begin to sense your own energy auric field. When next in a Meditational state of mind, hold your hand out in front of you, and half closing your eyes look for the energetic vibrations emitting from your own hand. As time moves on you will begin to not only see the energy but also the colours. This is not a pointless exercise either, because the more in tune with your own physical form, the stronger your intuitive senses become and you will also begin to understand how you can self-heal.

The physical body is a wonderful and intelligent being, and because it is animated by the spirit within, when you tap into that energy you can change your reality by understanding and unblocking your chakras in meditation, your whole life can become abundant in so many ways.

love and light

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