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Attune to Your Higher Self
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Life as we know it, the society and our own environment have brought many challenges to our lives which has also brought its own brand of learning experiences that we tend to hold on to. We also attune our thoughts with those parameters in mind. These are very much earthly experiences and values, and naturally, they are very relevant to the life we lead, as we are indeed merely a human being.

However, when you begin to take on board the understanding that in point of fact, we are all energy and vibrations and that we are a spiritual being occupying human form to progress in our eternal life, our life as we know it takes on a completely different perspective.

To accept that we are so much more than the reality that we perceive to be our environment – it is then that we are open-minded and ready to explore our own potential and to change our thoughts and reality to achieve peace, harmony and unconditional love.

Meditation and focus are key here to awakening to your higher self. When we are aware of our mind, body and soul working in harmony – we then regain the ability to perceive the world around us on its true vibrational level and the more we open our eyes and focus, we can learn to blend and harmonize with that frequency which will propel us forward in our physical life by simply using our intuition in a very positive sense and begin to make positive decisions in our life which is ultimately guided by our higher self, which is all-knowing of your spiritual purpose for living this life in human form.

Please read my article on Chakra Meditation as this will help you to open up your consciousness to your higher self and create a sense of inner peace enabling you to see your reality with clarity.

This is the first step in your Spiritual Journey in which as you explore this adventure your life will change dramatically and bring the connection between yourself and the Universal energies that surround us, just waiting to bring spiritual abundance back into your life on all levels.

Enjoy your journey

Love and Light

Spiritual Samaritans
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