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February 6, 2020

Spiritual Seeker


I was researching a little while ago for my book “Spiritual Awakening – A Self Help Guide”, and to my astonishment I found some people on a Spiritual and Psychic forum complaining that Mediums never share their “secrets”, and I realised there and then that there are so many people who are lost in a spiritual sense, and really eager to explore not only spiritual understanding but their own potential in life as we see it today.

Speaking as a Spiritual Medium of many years, this indeed is not a case that we do not want to share our so-called secrets, it is a case that we are unaware of those people who wish to know more on a deeper level.

This epiphany prompted me to shape my book to address the answers to those who are eager to have a deeper understanding of the spiritual realms, the Universe and how to blend their spirituality into their own life and its full potential.

I have no doubt that more books will follow, as in fact I have started the first book in my e-learning series on Psychic Tarot which not only explains each card in the Tarot, but shows you how to intuitively read the tarot cards for yourself, family and friends.

Of course, to read the Tarot, or any other tool, you need to be able to access your intuition which is being guided from your spiritual or higher self. This is the beginning of all spiritual understanding and potential. To be aware that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, rather than a human having a spiritual experience.

With my e-learning series, whether it is digital books or courses or maybe even both I am going to try to cover as many spiritual topics as I can so you can choose for yourself what is right for you to follow your own spiritual path and overcome any challenges that are in front of you.

Alongside the Psychic Tarot, it is essential that you are in touch with your intuition which comes from the heart chakra and to fine-tune your chakras to be inline to communicating from within yourself to the Universe.

A companion e-learning book will be Chakra Meditation which will help you understand and fine-tune your chakras and awareness to achieve the highest standard to use if you so choose, the tools available like Tarot, Crystal Ball, Pendulum, Runes to name but a few.

Chakra Meditation
In fact, over my forty-eight years as a Professional Medium, Healer and Teacher, I have so many e-learning books to share with you I can see myself glued to the keyboard for many months to come.

I have started this blog to not only share my spiritual understandings and teachings with you but to also invite my colleagues all over the world to share their perception of the Universe and their teachings, experiences, thoughts and guidance with you as well.

No doubt, over the coming months there will be many articles, posts and events that we can share with you as well as opportunities to partake of any courses or workshops that become available

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Love and light

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