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There are many packs of Angel Cards and indeed Angel Oracle cards as well as Daily Guidance Angel Cards freely available to buy on-line.

I believe that when buying a pack of Angel cards, it must be a personal and individual choice, and if you browse the packs available make note of the pack you feel drawn to. When using your intuition in this way, you are allowing your higher self, the part of you that has the understanding of the link with your soul and the angels and Ascended Masters,

The Angel cards are primarily a tool to help you focus as you begin to introduce your physical self to your Angels and Ascended Masters, and depending on your Spiritual life purpose and destiny you will begin to receive Angelic guidance to your physical self, allowing you to strengthen your connection between your physical being and higher self and the Divine Source. Here your Angels will step forward to guide you and provide the tools you require in your earthly life to continue to progress spiritually and complete your purpose for this incarnation,

One of my personal favourites in the Angel cards is the “Work your Light” Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell. They are beautiful cards and come with an explanatory booklet. I have chosen a few Angel Cards that appeal to me, and you can have a look and perhaps buy them by clicking on one of the images below.

Whichever Angel cards you choose, enjoy them to the full and heighten your own intuition by working with them and connecting with the Angels watching over you.

love and light

Spiritual Samaritans
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