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The Akashic record

The Akashic Record is sometimes called The Book of Life, but I think that a more apt description would be the Book of the Soul.

As we have discussed, we are a Spiritual being, having a series of experiences in human form.   We know that we have lived many lives, and the Akashic Record is a mental journal of all our experiences, which are held within us, and we can access fully, when we return to the spiritual realms.

We are also capable, if we so choose, to access these records while still in human form.  There are also Mediums and Psychic’s, who specialise in Soul Readings, where their Spiritual gifts allow them to access these records on your behalf,

You are also capable yourself to access these, by having as Past Life Regression, with a Past Life Regressionist, or Medium, who could help you to be in a light trance, to obtain a Past Life experience that has some relevance to the current life you are living.


Nothing is lost in the Akashic Records, every thought, feelings, emotions and memories are recorded here, for you to address the balance of your experiences through every human form you have taken, once you return to the Spiritual Realms.    This is where we also weigh up our Karma and begin to address it, to maintain balance at our Spiritual Core.

A great proponent of Akashic Records in the 20th Century, was Edgar Cayce.    Cayce had a unique gift, in being able to access people’s Akashic Records whether it was past, present or possible futures, to help them in their current lives.   He did thousands of readings, in a trance, throughout his lifetime, and subsequently was dubbed “The Sleeping Prophet”.  There have been many books written about him, and each of his readings were recorded and given a case number, which can be found easily on the Internet.

You can see from a Spiritual point of view, these records are essential, as the Spiritual beings that we are, we choose to experience certain things, in human form, and it is a step by step account of everything we experienced, who we interacted with, our memories, our emotions and thoughts and what we learned from the experience, thus allowing us to progress and serve spiritually.

So how would it help us in current human form, if we do not remember our Spiritual roots?

As we are aware, the Universal natural laws are always in play, and recorded alongside everything else in The Akashic Records.

Perhaps in your current life, you see that you keep repeating a pattern of behaviour, and although you desperately want to change that pattern, you cannot.  As that pattern continues to spiral around and around, there is a spiritual lesson to learn here, but you cannot seem to find the answer.

Now, if in one way or another, you accessed, via your Akashic record, a previous experience that had some relevancy to your current life, it might help you to understand what the lesson is, and once understood and acknowledged, enables you to move forward and clear yourself of the pattern.

I really would like to reiterate here; there are no judgements, only Unconditional love, and our guides, helpers and loved ones are there to serve, guide and help you along your journey within this human form.

 love and light


Spiritual Samaritans
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