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As you may know, I have been working professionally for many years now, as a Spiritual Medium, Psychic, Energy Healer, Author, and Spiritual Teacher.  I have invited some of my Students and Colleagues, to join me on this adventure; to help as many people as we can.

In view of recent events, globally as well as within our own circles of family and friends, there have been many that have begun to take a look at their lives from a different perspective.   This is why I feel it is essential to give as much guidance, from a spiritual aspect to all those who wish to understand their spiritual path.

As each of us, continues on our spiritual journey, we hope to be able to also guide those spiritual seekers to their own understanding and continue exploring their potential, to bring out the changes that are needed in their own personal lives.

Together, we hope to bring a sense of community, as well as family to all those who seek to learn more about our Universe, the Spirit World, and our roles, from a spiritual point of view in our lives in this human existence.

As we become more awakened to our Spiritual Self, we are participating in not only healing ourselves but the planet on which we reside.  It is a time of enlightenment, and this decade is going to see many challenges and positive changes that will ultimately bring balance and harmony to our world.

Lightworkers have been working and facing many challenges through the past decade to arrive at this moment on the brink of a new energetic vibration that cannot be ignored.

  • Have you felt the shifts?
  • Are you a potential Lightworker?
  • Are you a Spiritual Seeker?

Whether it is just curiosity value, or becoming connected to like-minded people, I am sure we will have something to help you understand your own spiritual life and the journey ahead.

As we have just entered into the year 2020, it is going to be a decade to remember!

Remember also if you wish to add to our blog as a guest speaker, then email me.  I would love to hear from you.


love and light


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